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0D4554   DRILLS, GUN

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  1/2"x15" ELDORADO, DUAL SPINDLE, M50, Chucks, High Pressure Coolant System, 1988 [1576]
  1"x15", ELDORADO, M75, .055" to 1" cap., High Pressure Coolant, Reconditioned [1496]
  (2) 1" x 15" Eldorado Gun Drills, with (1) F18 High Pressure Coolant System,1991 [1589]
  1"x15", ELDORADO, M75, Dual Spindle, up to 1" dia., 15" stroke, New Electrics [1592]
  1"x15" Eldorado M75 DUAL SPINDLE, Counter Rotation, High Pressure Coolant, 1981 [1632]
  1"x30" ELDORAD M75 Knee Type, 12"x24" Table, 24"X, 24"Y, 12"Z, F18 Coolant, 1989 [1615]
  1"x30" ELDORADO Dual Spindle, M75, F-18 High Pressure Coolant System, 1983 [1616]
  1"x30" ELDORADO, Model 75, Ballscrew Feed, High Pressure Coolant, Reconditioned [1405]
  1" x 30", ELDORADO, M75, High Pressure Coolant System, Reconditioned [1573]
  1"X30" ELDORADO M75, Ballscrew Feed, High Pressure Coolant, 1981, Reconditioned [1578]
  1"x30" ELDORADO M75 Knee Type, 19"x60" Table, 42"X, 15"Y, DRO, HP Coolant, 1985 [1610]
1"x30" ELDORADO M75, 22"x22" Table, High Pressure Coolant System, 1980 [1612]
1"x30" ELDORADO M75 Dual Spindle, (2) F18 High Pressure Coolant Systems, 1981 [1600]
  1"x30" ELDORADO M75 KNEE TYPE, 12"x42" table, 18"X,16"Y,10"Z, HPC System, 1981 [1629]
  1"x30" ELDORADO, M90 DUAL Spindle, up to 1"dia., 30" stroke, Coolant System,2001 [1593]
  1"x30" ELDORADO M90 Dual Spindle, Extened Table, F18 High Pressure Coolant, 2007 [1633]
  1"x56" ELDORADO M75, Ball Screw Feed High Pressure Coolant, 2 Whip Guides, 1980 [1605]
1"x60" ELDORADO M90 Knee Type, 30"x30" Table, 25" X, 18"Y, DRO, HP Coolant, 1997 [1609]
  2"x60" DEHOFF, 7.5.hp,19"x66" table, Ball Screw Feed, High Pressure Coolant,1976 [1631]
  1"x30" ELDORADO M75 Knee Type,13"x51" table,32"X,15"Y,High Pressure Coolant,1998 [1225]

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